We love facebook but lately, the addiction has become too much. Don’t want to quit it entirely but the compulsion to check it getting to be an albatross?

Follow these simple steps to unfollow all users & pages leaving a blank news feed but keeping all of the other stuff you need (mostly event invites).

Source: How do I unfollow everyone on Facebook at once? – Quora

Now you can add back the important people in your life one at a time or just let your mind have a rest.

There’s one (slightly) tricky part which involves, right-clicking, hitting “inspect element”, switching to the “console” & pasting a code. If you are not a power user you might not have done anything like this before but rest assured, it is straightforward.

Now that you’ve done that head on over and make sure you are limiting the amount of your data Facebook is able to collect & share.