Local SEO Services means your Google My Business listing!

Who are your customers going to call? Whoever is local & has five star reviews that they can trust! Will they find you or your competition? 

Once your Google My Business listing is properly set up and optimized then it’s time to pour on the exposure to your local market until you have it totally cornered You are the authority in your industry and in what you do!  This service lets Google know that so it will treat you accordingly and send all of the good business to you.

When you sign up for the Google Business Profile Optimization service, we work on your Google Listing every week to increase exposure to customers searching for your products & services.

Read the case study to see how one company grew their business with our Setup & Optimization of your Google My Business Profile Listing.

Your Google Business Profile listing is your entry in the phonebook of today. When you are properly listed customers can find you. By having a properly optimized Google Business profile you are telling Google exactly who you are, what your company does, what products and services you provide and what kind of customers you serve.

The alternative is HOPING Google will figure out everything about you correctly. Now Google is pretty smart but the fact is they are going to send MORE new customers to businesses who communicate to them exactly what they do than they will to businsnesses that don’t communicate to them who they are and what they do.

If you are not properly listed people are finding your competitors and not your business!



When you are Google business listing is properly boosted we can tell Google exactly who you are, what you do, what’s your products and services are, what area you serve, what industries you are in, who benefits from working with you, and many many more crucial details that help Google send you the best and most new Business.



 Here are a partial list of some of the items our team handles on a weekly basis for each account to increase its exposure to highly targeted searching customers.

  • Weekly creation of new posts
  • Regular uploading of new images
  • Monthly responding to your reviews.
  • Addition of new business services & categories as needed
  • Approval of Google’s requested changes
    And much more…


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