Wicked Modern Websites is proud to announce it is the official website development company of Local Money Savers. 

Thanks to Ron DiMatteo we are proud to offer a $100 referral commission for all employees of Local Money Savers.

How to refer your customer. 


Which customers are most likely to need a website?

  • Anyone who doesn’t currently have a website. 
  • Anyone whose website is old & doesn’t look good on a smartphone.

What kind of websites do Wicked Modern Websites make?

All kinds! From simple brochure style 1-5 pagers to complex e-commerce shopping cart solutions and everything in-between.

How do I get the referral commission?

Refer a customer to me who buys a website development package.

What does a base model website project cost? 

Ongoing costs are domain registration & server cost. 

  • Domain registration cost $20 – $30 per year from GoDaddy, Siteground or other domain registrars. 
  • Server cost is $19 per month on my server or starting at $5 per month if they open an account at siteground.com my preferred partner.  

 Base model website development project costs $999

I am offering a 25% discount for all customers of Local Money Savers. 

What features are included with a base model, Really Simple Site? Check out our website pricing page.

How long does a project take to complete?

Projects are guaranteed to be completed within 1 month. E-commerce shopping cart websites will take longer. 




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